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Version 2.2
  1. The help was updated to reflect recent changes.
  2. Added a 'Try Again' button to start the capture again.
  3. Made a change to improve the capture of a window when previous captured images are in view dialogs on the screen.
  4. Added an option to manually input dimensions to capture a rectangle.
  5. The menu bar customizations are now remembered when Capture Express is closed and restarted.
  6. Updated the 'Left-click to start the capture' message.
  7. Updated the 'Right click to toggle between stretch and move' message to include 'stretch' or 'move' and to look like a Windows hint.
  8. Made Automatic Capture timing more accurate.
  9. Added a warning message if Repeating Automatic Capture is set for less than 3 seconds.
  10. After the license is successfully entered from the reminder dialog, the reminder dialog is closed.
  11. Updated some of the installer panels to make them clearer.

  12. Changes made to support Windows Vista
  13. Made changes to allow Capture Express to run on Windows Vista.
  14. No longer slows to a crawl when capturing rectangles and shapes on Windows Vista.
  15. HotKeys will now start a capture when running on Windows Vista.
  16. The installer has been updated to work correctly on Windows Vista.

  17. Bugs Fixed
  18. Fixed a problem with back to back Automactic Captures.
  19. Fixed a problem when Automatic Capture is used to capture the entire screen or a Window.
  20. Made changes to fix the problem where Capture Express remains in the taskbar when it shouldn't.
  21. Changed the Default Filename dialogs in the preferences from Open to Save.
  22. Fixed a problem where the rectangular capture was off by one pixel. If you tried to capture an image 100 x 50 you would get 99 x 49.
  23. Fixed a problem that caused unnecessary 'Capture in progress, cancel' warning messages.
  24. Fixed a problem that occurred when an automatic capture is cancelled.
  25. Fixed a problem where clicking the Done button did not always properly prepare for the next capture.
  26. Fixed a problem where Automatic Capture saved images to the wrong folder if the logged on user had a period in the name.
  27. Fixed conflicting accelerator key (Alt-T).
  28. Fixed a problem where the automatic timed capture would repeat the wrong number of times.
  29. Fixed a problem where the Email SMTP Server Authentication checkbox and associated text had a different colored background than the rest of the window.
  30. Fixed a problem in the installer where the Start Menu folder selection was being ignored.

  31. Crashes Fixed
  32. Fixed the cause of a crash that occurred when attempting to print to unavailable printers.
  33. Added code to help avoid the 'Operation not supported on selected printer' crash when printing to certain printers.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 2.0a
    version 2.0

Revision history for current version
    Current version