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Capture Express is a Windows based image capture utility designed for speed and ease of use. Install it and you are pretty much ready to go. Just decide what to capture, capture the image and finally choose what to do with the image. That's all there is to it.

Adjust the cursor alignment
One of the frustrating things about capturing images is not intially having the cursor aligned correctly when drawing the border around an image. Instead of starting over, Capture Express allows you to realign the cursor or move the entire border during the capture with a simple right mouse click. Get the exact image you want the first time.

Email images quickly
If you happen to see an image that you like and want to send it to a friend, use Capture Express to capture the image and send an email in a few simple steps.

Save time with Automated Captures
Automated Capture mode allows you to capture an image and save to a file, all with the press of a single hot key.

Set up automated repeating captures to capture screen or window images during regularly scheduled intervals.

Small Footprint
Capture Express hides in the background so it doesn't take up real estate. Just press a hot key to start a capture. The rest of the time it remains hidden - out of the way.

Other Benefits
Free technical support
Free updates for any version 2.x release of Capture Express.
A great low price of $19.95. Buy Now!