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"Do you have ANY idea how nice it is to be able to capture drop down menus! Thank you thank you thank you. Great product. Does exactly what I want, doesn’t get in the way, is easy to use, and the price is right." --Bruce M., ME
"I just had to write to you and let you know how amazing this piece of software I purchased some 8 years ago has been for me. People are impressed with how quickly and efficiently I send them pictures of whatever I am talking to them about and paste it into Instant Message, into an Email, a letter or overview - they say a picture speaks a thousand words and Capture Express lets me do just that! Capture Express has been my reliable buddy for so long that I basically don't know how I could operate without it and in fact I think Windows operating system should include it for everyone. It is like a worker just does what its supposed to do and I love it. So thanks for writing a great piece of software that I never had to upgrade every year." --Kerri G., Vancover, BC
"This is a wonderful program. Easy to use and I've saved tons of money on ink. Thank you." --Janet B., Florida
"I have all of my team using Capture Express! We create internal and external training material with it, and the ease of use and flexibility make it a must-have!" --Karen M., New York
"It worked on my first try! You've done something, others haven't been able to; create software that works intuitively." --Lee K., Minnesota
"This is a wonderful little tool that your company has built. It is very easy to use and the cost is very reasonable. Capture Express has saved me huge amounts of time during documentation of applications while performing developer unit testing." --Glen V., Utah
"...Capture Express is right up there with Photoshop as one of my most valued and used programs. The interface is simple, elegant, easy to use, and performs flawlessly." --Gene V., Arizona
"Thank you. Nice little program." --Jack Q., Arizona
"I LOVE your software. The ability to shift the starting point around by right clicking is brilliant. I use it to write all my lab manuals, exams, homework, etc. for my physics classes." --John S., Utah
"I have used Capture Express to capture screens of episodes of a progressive analysis of data during the execution of my Visual Basic applications. Compared with the tedious procedure I had been using, Capture Express produced superior images in a fraction - and an incredibly small fraction - of the time I had previously had to take." --John M., Canada
"Love the software. I am a Mac user and have searched for a long time for a capture program for PC with the same flexibility. " --Larry R., Maine
"One of the best software I ever had." --Tony S.
"Wonderful tool, well worth the price." --John F.
"Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the software. Does a great job, and it's easy to use. It has really been a big help to have on my computer." --Ransom P.
"I absolutely LOVE your software!!!" --Paul A.
"Worked great for me. I just needed to take some shots of my screen and it had that and plenty more. Extremely easy to use and had many features." --Brent
"Quick. Simple. Functional." --Anonymous
"I liked it. I tried some other screen cap program and it didn't work well for me at all. I think Capture Express is easy and it gives you a lot of options, plus it never froze me: BIG plus." --Anonymous
"Downloaded, installed, learnt, used in 7 minutes! The best screen capture I've ever seen- super easy- saves in several forms- fantastic! I'm buying it!" --Anonymous
"Superb screenshot-programme Capture Express is an excellent and easy to use screenshot programma. Without to much features and useless options. It's quick, it's easy and it works!" --Anonymous
"Really cool! Wow, this is the best screen capture utility I have EVER used (and I have used more than a couple of them). THIS ONE ROCKS!" --Varo D.
"I wouldn't use anything else." --Anonymous
"Nice, Easy to use. Found it to be one of the best about, I use these programs alot and this rates very highly." --Anonymous
"Good product. Works easy." --Anonymous
"Excellent. Found it very easy to use, would recommend it to all people who need to use this type of product." --Anonymous
"Makes creating PC based documentation easy." --Anonymous
"Very quick to learn and easy to use." --Anonymous
"Does the job with versatility and ease" --Anonymous
"Simple, flexable and does what it says." --Anonymous
"Easy to use and flexible." --Anonymous
"The best screen grabber I've come across!" --Anonymous
"Easy to handle, reliable tool." --Anonymous
"Great Screen capture program." --Anonymous